A Little Backstory

I wanted to brew beer.  That’s right. In early 2005 I decided that I was going to, not only start brewing beer, but I was going to open a brewery!  I tried, unconvincingly, to persuade my buddies to join in my enthusiasm.  Part of my pitch involved a great company name as well as a full line of creative beer titles to accompany my grand vision.  The name: Maverick Brewing Company.  I had this whole Wild West theme in mind.  I sketched logos, beer labels, and even plotted out 60 second commercial ads. We would offer brews such as The Peacemaker, Tumbleweed Pilsner, Showdown Stout, & Snakehead IPA.

I read books.  I scoured the internet for brewing tips.  I coerced my future best man, to go halves on a home brewing kit, and we got down to work.  In my head, I was already cutting the ribbon on the doors to our new brewing facility.  But… you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?  Well, turns out, I just wasn’t that into the whole brewing part of beer.  I did however, learn something about myself on the way.  I really dug the whole marketing aspect of that ill fated venture!

I’ve always been an idea man.  I love conceiving of clever slogans, tag lines or product names.  That, paired with my love of illustration compelled me to turn my full attention to the field of graphic design. I started attending design classes at Buffalo State College, and in 2007,

wait for it…

Maverick Media was officially open for business.  Since that time I have had the pleasure of working with clients from many industries and from all walks of life.  For me design is not just a job, but it’s an absolute guilty pleasure.

I love having the opportunity to work on such a vast range of projects for my clients.  From web design to children’s book illustration, I view each job as a Win/Win for both me and my customers.  My customers get a professional product, and I get the sheer joy that comes from the design process.  I live in the details. Your project, is my passion.  When you make the choice to work with Maverick Media, I can assure you that you are not just another paycheck.  I put the time in on every project that comes across my desk, and nothing makes me happier than delivering exactly what my clients are looking for.

If you’re in the market for professional Illustration or Design, Contact Maverick Media today!